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Free car collection!

There are no charges for collecting your vehicle and no hidden fees. You could be given up to £500 for a scrap car; even more it it’s repairable.

We will collect your car on the same day between 9am and 5pm. You are also welcome to bring your car directly to us yourself for quicker payment.

Willowholme Auto Salvage Ltd is authorised and licensed by The Environment Agency and local authorities for de-polluting. We are also approved to disposr and recycle all vehicle waste and harmful materials. Our collection service can be seen on the map above. We have the largest collection area out of all the salvage yards in Carlisle.

Partially Damaged/Damaged but repairable Vehicles
Many accidents occur where the car is damaged but still repairable. We pay more for repairable cars. Unlike others, we don’t buy all cars for crap value.

Why Choose WAS?

We offer a hassle free service for recycling your car. We pay the best price on the spot and collect your vehicle free of charge on the same day. We will produce an online certificate of destruction to DVLA to indicate your car has reached the end of its life and is registered on the DVLA database. A copy of the certificate can be provided on request.

Areas covered by Us
Our facility is based in Carlisle and we operate within a 50 mile radius to serve our customers. Our car collection service is free all over Cumbria but is also available in other areas of North West England and South West Scotland by arrangement.