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You are in the right place if you would like to make some money from your vehicle. We collect your car for free, there are no hidden fees and you can get your money the same day we collect your car. Due to the Government laws brought into action 1st October 2016, we can only pay you via bank transfer or issue a cheque.

Please note that identification of the owner is required

The ID can be a UK photocard driving licence or a UK original passport plus a recent utility bill (within the last 3 month). We will need your current address as well. Please note that we cannot buy vehicles which aren’t fit to all the legal requirements. Reporting abandoned cars is important as often they can cause accidents if left in awkward places and they may have been used illegally. Before reporting an abandoned car please make sure that it is genuinely abandoned. This can be done by checking for amny signs such as: Flat Tyres, Smashed windows, missing license plate etc. You can find more information about it on the website of the appropriate City Council. For your safety, do not enter or touch any suspected abandoned vehicles as they may be related to crime incidents and contain toxic materials. Please, always report these cases to the appropriate City Council!



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