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at WAS we offer a wide range of second hand tyres. Buying used tyres is an easy way to save money. Our tyres are in next to new condition and meet international standards and road regulations. If you need just one tyre or a complete set, the cheapest and fastest alternative is to find a reliable part worn tyre seller. Here we are! Call us to inquire about the tyres we have available. We also do fitting with purchase using our specialised machinery. On top of this we have many alloys available for different makes and sizes

Our company fits to all the requirements of the Motor Vehicles Tyres Regulation 1994. Our tyres condition fits to the UK trading standars.

About the condition of all our tyres:

  • must have EC approval mark and a speed & load capacity index
  • Not have any damage that has not been repaired
  • all used tyres must be marked ‘PART-WORN’.
  • Not have any ply or cord exposed
  • Not have a cut over 25mm or 10% of the section width of the tyre
  • Not have any internal or external lump, bulge or tear
  • the original tread pattern of the tyre must be at least 2mm deep